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Welcome to Attorney Online Vidya, an 18+ Attorney Online server featuring community created improvised and pre-written trials, a variety of games and a large selection of characters from multiple franchises.
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AOV Rules Update New

The AOV server rules have been updated and are in effect immediately.
Please look over the updated Rules document to see the changes.

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The Minimalist

"You never see an old man having a Twix" -Karl Pilkington

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Animania 2.0

A new round of selectable [AOV] anime music files are available for July. Click the images to download and replace your current anime file as desired.

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July Update Notice

This month's update will be pushed back to August. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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In lieu of a content update, this month you can take your pick of anime.opus from this finely curated list. Simply click an image and replace your current anime.opus as desired.

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There Is Fuck All In This Update

"And here is where I’d put content for the update. IF THERE WAS ANY." -Someone ROYALLY FUCKED OFF about their internet speed

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