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Welcome to Attorney Online Vidya, an 18+ Attorney Online server featuring community created improvised and pre-written trials, a variety of games and a large selection of characters from multiple franchises.
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The Law & Disorder Update  

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The Law & DisorderNew

Happy New Year and Happy 4th AOV Anniversary!
Our gift to you this New Year - An actual update, including new emotes, fixes and songs!

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The Decemberfest Update

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas."
-Judy Garland et al

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The Mildly Crazy Update

"This party's getting crazy!"
-Dante, whilst having a Boomer Moment

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AOV Case Archive New

We've now added a Case Archive page to the site! The page features links to various cases that have been played on the server over the years. If you have a case you wish to add, check the page for more details.

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The Littlest Update

"Great oaks from little acorns grow." -Some 14th-century twat

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AOV Halloween Contest 2019

AOV is hosting a Case and Sprite creation contest for Halloween!
For a chance to win up to $20 in Steam prizes and more, check out the Contest Document!
This contest is now closed and winners have been announced!

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